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New Article Discusses PayBox and How it Works

Going around the internet right now is a new company that's generating a lot of buzz and it's still in Beta. It's called PayBox and you many have hear of it. In this article you will see however that it's not a true payment site and those payments your getting are in PayBox bucks. The chances of them being worth anything are pretty slim and if I was a betting person I would bet that they never get out of beta. When people are building up large balances for basically doing nothing it's not easy to see how those "PayBox Bucks" could ever be worth much. So be careful if you join and treat it like the game it most likely is. And no matter what don't spend your real bucks for the play money that "PayBox Bucks" are!

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Why PayBox Is A Scam

OK, well it’s probably NOT a scam, but there are a couple of features about this free program that you should know about before you start doing business with them. I’ve seen a lot of people promoting PayBox.me heavily everywhere online since Pay Box.me started its pre-launch on September 1st. Naturally, marketers want to get in as early as possible, but most of them won’t tell you exactly what you’re getting into with PayBox.me.

So What Is Pay Box?

PayBox is a website which offers you $50 to sign up, up to $20 per day and $5 for each referral. On the surface it seems like they a trying to develop a company similar to a “Paypal”. Offering services such as person-to-person transactions, currency exchanges, online stores and small and mid-size business integration and payment processing. The $20 a day that Pay Box is offering is like many GPT or “Get Paid To” sites that asks you to log into PayBox and complete tasks such as subscribing to their newsletter or completing surveys.

What’s The Problem With Paybox?

While there are no specific problems that should prevent you from signing up with them, there are somethings you should understand. When I gave you PayBox.me’s payment structure in the previous paragraph I bet you thought I gave you the amounts in U.S. dollars. I did not. PayBox plans to pay its members in what they call Pay Box currency. This PayBox currency, according to PayBox.me is “autonomous and independent of all nations and governments.”

Yes, we have all had programs which offer credits or vouchers or units just about everything under the sun. PayBox.me’s plan involves making their currency exchangeable with other currencies. I have been trading the forex markets for five years now and trust me, that is not as easy as it sounds. They are of course conflicts of interest with getting paid by the company controlling the value of the currency you are receiving. In addition, the PayBox.me currency may never become openly exchangeable.

OK, I Heard Of Systems Like PayBox Before, So?

However, This Is Not Unprecedented

This probably sounds like Paybox.me is embarking on a futile endeavor, however the strategy of creating a currency like PayBox.me is attempting to do has worked in the past. The most famous example is probably Disney, which created “Disney Dollars” way back in 1987. Yes, those little bills with cartoon characters, that you use to go on rides and buy cotton candy are an actual currency with an exchange rate against the U.S. dollar. Another, less famous, but more pertinent example would be ‘Linden Dollars’, the currency used in ‘Second Life’.

While getting in on the beginning of a new currency could mean massive profits for you, their is some work that you have to do. According to the Pay Box website you need to log in “frequently” or your PayBox account will be terminated for inactivity. You also need to participate in the online surveys and jobs they have for you once you log in to PayBox. Of course PayBox.me is still in pre-launch so I don’t know how much work they are going to require in order to keep an account active.

With These Potentially Negative Terms, Why Did I Join?

Well, even with all these complicated conditions and no guarantee of making money I still joined Pay Box for several reasons. First, the price was right. PayBox.me is completely free to join. Next, the information that Pay Box asks for isn’t enough to cause any damage to my privacy and PayBox hasn’t spammed me. In my opinion if you’re willing to do a little work, then PayBox is worth joining and it is possible the early subscribers will make a whole lot of money.

Please tell me your opinion of PayBox, these types of programs, this article or whatever is on your mind below in the comments section. I am constantly looking to expand on this article so any experiences you have with Pay Box as they start to expand, please post them here for myself and other marketers to read. Also, if you are already a Pay Box member fell free to leave your referral link as this page is getting some good traffic.

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