Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make Twitter Work Better With Twitter Lists

As so many find Twitter can be a crazy place to visit and even crazier to keep up with. So much random noise to drown out the great stuff that is what brings you to Twitter in the first place. So what can you do to make things better. Simple use Twitter lists and a good Twitter Suite to manage your Twitter flow. As this article shows there are many simple ways to use lists to help you find and react to the your followers and any meaningful Tweets. So take a minute read the article and get your lists in order. You'll enjoy Twitter much better and get a lot more results for all that time spend Tweeting.

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Tuning Twitter with Twitter Lists

You’re a seasoned Twitter user and proud of the relationships you’ve built on Twitter but as your community has grown you’ve encountered a common problem.

It get’s noisy very quickly.Courtesy of Paul Bausch

I follow 2200+ people and eventually someone will ask…

  • How do you keep up?
  • How do you follow so many people?
  • or I’ll hear, I need to unfollow people so I can listen closer to XYZ.

My answer to all 3 issues is the same. So come close and I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Learn to use twitter lists well and you’ll unlock the power to pay attention and take your twitter network to the next level.

What are they?

It is simply a list of Twitter users.

Lists can be focused on subjects, locales, or relationships. They can be whatever you want them to be.

Want to listen to more locals? Looking to highlight industry voices? Take the time to create a list.

How to use them?

  • Use private twitter lists for listening
  • Use public twitter lists for recommending others
Private Twitter Lists

My private listening lists are my diamond mine. You can’t see them but they are crucial to my twitter experience. They are how I tune Twitter.

Here is my approach.

  1. Inner Circle – This is my friends list. I take great care in managing it because I watch it closely.
  1. Outer Circle – People that I’ve interacted with and have proven to share high value tweets.
  1. Curated – I’ve got a handful of people that consistently find the best tech/social info from around the world.
Public Twitter Lists

I create public lists to recommend high quality groups of users (and I listen on these as well).

  1.  All About Twitter – Everything I need to know about twitter news and features can be found in this list. It is my ultimate Twitter knowledge base.
  1.  News – Headlines and breaking News from around the world and local sources.
  1.  Major Players – Movers & shakers online

My my public lists have a variety of uses and purposes. For more good examples see Scoble’s Public Lists or Yahoo News public lists

Step 1: Create them

Step 2: Use them

At this level of Twitter usage you should be using a twitter client on your computer. I recommend using Seesmic Desktop 2 or Tweetdeck and both clients make it easy to add your Twitter lists as a new column.


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