Friday, October 22, 2010

Apple's New Even Slimmer MacBook Air Sports Latest Features

When you look at what Apple is putting in it's new MacBook Air it's sounds like a dream come true for Mac fans. From sporting a new even slimmer design partly made possible by using solid state flash storage rather than hard drives to the new operating system Apple is raising the bar. So as this article in newsfactor shows it should be a major hit in the market place.

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Apple Unveils iLife 11 and Slimmest MacBook Air

Jobs also said that the Mac, not to be outdone by its younger iPod and iPhone siblings, will soon have its own application store.

Apple will include its new iLife 11 with new Macs, including the new MacBook Air that CEO Steve Jobs introduced. Jobs also announced FaceTime for the Mac and said Mac OS X Lion will ship next year. Apple's iLife 11 includes new iPhoto features, easier iMovie editing, and new features in GarageBand. A Mac app store is also planned to open soon.

The new Air uses solid-state flash storage instead of a hard drive, which the company said lightens an already lightweight laptop Relevant Products/Services since solid state is as much as 90 percent smaller and lighter than a hard drive. At its thinnest point, the Air is 0.11 inches, and only 0.68 inches at its thickest.

The company also announced a public beta of FaceTime for Mac, which allows Mac users to video-call iPhone 4 and iPod touch users, or other Mac users. It automatically uses the Address Book contacts on the machine, so special buddy lists aren't needed, and it works with Macs' built-in cameras and mikes.

Apple provided a peek at the Lion. Mac OS X Lion is expected to ship in the summer of 2011, and the preview included LaunchPad for Mac apps, systemwide support for full-screen apps, Mission Control, and a look at the Mac Apps Store.

Jobs said Lion "brings many of the best ideas from iPad back to the Mac" and adds some new ones, such as Mission Control. Launchpad shows all available apps on the Mac, organized as desired. With Mission Control, a user can navigate through apps that are running.

As with an iPad, the Mac app store will allow users to find and download apps via an iTunes account. It will become available within 90 days for Macs running the Snow Leopard OS.

The newest Air is available in 11.6- and 13.3-inch display models, features instant-on bootup, and has a battery life of up to seven hours.


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