Friday, October 08, 2010

Does Anybody Even Know You've Here?

In her article titled "Nobody's A Mind Reader" Lori Randall makes the point that people aren’t mind readers and states, “You really have to define yourself so that you can better communicate this to others.  Nobody’s a mind reader and if you’re unclear about yourself then you might as well kiss business goodbye as it goes to somebody else who actually knows who they are and what they have to offer.” (For complete article see link below)

To that I would reply” Lori you’ve hit the nail on the head to most people’s failure to succeed on the web”.

I have people all the time who wonder why no one visits their site or blog. And the first things I always ask them are, "Does anybody know you're there? Does anybody even know what you do or the services you provide? And if you quit doing everything you do on line tomorrow would more than a handful of people even notice?"

And while the web is a great place for a business just being there isn’t enough. And as any Realtor will tell you in real estate it's about location, location, location. Well the web is all about location, too.

But just because all sites on the web are the same from a technical point of view they aren't the same from a “location” point of view. And while unlike a physical brick and mortar building on a street somewhere sites are 24/7 and available to anyone, anywhere in the world, that fact isn’t going to get you either traffic or business.

So if “location” on the web isn’t a fancy site with a cool URL and lots of, scripts, pictures, landing pages, and clever well written content then what pray tell what is it?

Well web “location” is a virtual place that’s in the minds of those seeking whatever it is that you do. And it requires that intangible thing called presence if you are to create it and move from just being another undiscovered online URL to a successful site.

Remember, if you're not found somewhere in the mind of that person or business looking for you or your services at that exact moment they are ready to act, you don't exist. People can’t be expected to be mind readers and to know who you are and what you do without your sharing it with them. And they won’t explore much outside of what’s found already in that virtual world contained in their mind just too find you when they are ready to do something.

So by developing presence you create a “location” in that virtual world in the mind of those you need to succeed on the web. To go from just being a site occupying space on the web to being successful requires being known by your audience and that requires contact and communication (presence) leading to discovery (location) and finally action.

And it’s by Tweeting, ReTweeting, Amplifying, Blogging, Commenting, and in every way possible building presence that your message on the web becomes communication that leads to discovery and finally becomes action. So being crystal clear about who you are, what you do, and what you stand for will build presence and soon that presence will become fixed (located) in the minds of your potential customers and they will become the traffic and customers that carry your business to success.

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