Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Does Zuckerberg plan on Email for FaceBook Too

This article adds an extra thought to some discussion already here on Amplify. For it's already been announced that FaceBook will be adding Skype to their arsenal. But is FaceBook also planning on adding a true email as well. There are some compelling arguments for them doing that.

For one thing it would be the last thing that Google has that they don't. With Skype now on board doing voice/phone/SMS in answer to Google's Google Voice that leaves only gmail as a tool Google has that FaceBook doesn't. I would bet that Zuckerberg sees email as the last piece of the puzzle to provide all of Googles services in FaceBook. He's not one to let someone else offer something he doesn't!

So I think it will happen.

What do any of you think of the idea of FaceBook email and if it will happen?

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What If Facebook Is Rolling Out an Email System?

Facebook is making an announcement on Wednesday that is widely assumed to be about its mobile strategy: either it will roll out a mobile phone or announce a deep integration with a service provider such as Skype. So says conventional wisdom. There are also a number of other theories about what it may unveil, ranging from more donations to charity to a Places platform to - yes - a Facebook email system.

Earlier this year, news broke about an email system, codenamed Project Titan, that Facebook was developing. According to various accounts, it was described as an actual mail system compliant with POP3/IMAP and SMTP. Users would receive a @facebook.com address.

Given Facebook's size - at 500 million and counting - an @facebook.com has the potential to devastate email marketing campaigns, Blue Sky Factory wrote when details about Project Titan first came to light.  "Deliverability will go out the window. Open rates will drop to near zero. Your email won't even get to users, much less get read." In short, it will be the first mass-user email platform that is whitelist-based, Blue Sky Factory said.

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