Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Future of Education in the 21st Century

I just happened on a great animate. I love those things as they always give you something different to think about. This one is on where we are at currently in education in this country and where we need to heading if education is to continue to succeed and work for our children.

For truly, as this animation points out, we live in a different world and face different choices and decisions than any generation before us! Those of us my age (60's>) have seen much and done much using the old models of work, education, and social structure as it has existed for the last few hundred years.

However the kids of today (<16) need a new model if change and improvement are to continue. It's a different world with different educational needs, social structures, and personal goals than at any time in the past. Somehow we must mold a new more dynamic model of education and our social institutions if we are to solve the problems of today while assimilating the technology and changes that surrounds us.

So take a minute, watch the animate, and lets talk about the future.

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