Monday, December 06, 2010

When’s the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts?

In this very competitive space -- blogging -- we need every advantage possible. There was recently a report released by Edelman Digital that states that content creators in the US has hit a plateau and will be on the decline in 2011.

So we need to remember it's as important WHEN you post as WHAT you post. That was why early on the first thing I voiced my desire for was for Amplify to add scheduling.

Without scheduling you end up with great content that is often posted when no one is there to see or reply too it. So while in many peoples mind scheduling brings up the bad image of spammers it's a tool that all need and can use.

For it's a simple and inescapable fact that today nothing you tweet, Amplify, post to FB, or put on any of the other data feed type services has a life beyond a few minutes (At best as a Tweets life is measured in seconds.). In those few minutes you either get people connected to your post or it just never happens.

There is this constant stream of information coming in like the waves of the ocean and washing clean the last marks on the beach. You have to get people to see your posts before the next wave washes them away leaving an exciting new landscape but minus your posts.

So it's always nice to see a real study done on timing and when to post things to know they have their best chance. Of course if everyone does this then it loses some effect anyway but you still need to post content when it's going to be seen or it's basically worthless.

We all write to be noticed and found not just for the sake of writing. That's the difference between a blogger/content provider and someone writing to their diary. One is intended to reach everyone the other is hoped to be kept private.

So hopefully with this information we can all post to the world and not to a "private" diary lost in the electronic backwaters.

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Of all the data analysis that I’ve done, day-of-week and time-of-day data has been consistently the most popular. So in preparation for my upcoming webinar, titled Science of Blogging, I decided to combine all of my existing data on timing with my new research into one master post on the subject.

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