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Embed Your Facebook Links on a Blog Page Using FeedBurner

Every once in a while you find that answer to one those things you've wondered about for a long time but never really resolved. Well this article shows how to do something that I've see lots of places but never figured out just how to do it. But you can bet that now I'll sure have some embedded links showing lots of things.

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Embed your Facebook Links on A Blog Page Using Feedburner

By roezer, on December 5th, 2010

Recently I created a Social Networking Landing Page called Welcome to but on this Page which is still not fully complete I wish to show what I talk about on sites Like Facebook. I could write a long description but decided that I wanted to show exactly what I was talking about or Posting on My Facebook Profile. So I have created an RSS feed with the Help of Feedburner and Embedded the Feed in My Welcome Page. This will let people know what I am currently Intrested in and is much more useful than a long description on the Social Networking Page.

Here is how you Embed your Facebook Links onto your Social Networking Landing Page.

First you must goto your Facebook Links Tab Shown Below in the Image

RSS of your Facebook links

Now you must Copy the Link Location of your Facebook Links RSS by Right clicking and selecting copy link Location. Then Goto Feedburner and Paste the Location of your Feed into the Burn a new Feed Section of your Feedburner Dashboard it looks like this

Burn a Feed with Feedburner Screenshot
When you Create the New Feed of your Facebook Links you will now have to select publicize and Select the Buzz Boost option for the Java Script code to embed your Facebook Link Updates on your Post or Page in your Blog.

Feedburner Buzz BoostNow Create a New Page or Post and Select to View the Source of the Page and Paste the code into your Page Source it Should look something like this

My Facebook Links

Now when I post a Link on Facebook it will be also be posted on this Blog. You can also do this with your Twitter RSS and it will make sure that your blog is crawled more often because you will be publishing more frequently on your blog even if it’s just a link you shared on Facebook. Search engine Spiders love frequently updated sites and this will make them crawl your site on a regular basis and your Feedburner updates will be make in real time.

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