Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Viber a New Free Call Service App for the iPhone

Viber offers free calling over 3g or Wi-Fi to other users of Viber. Kind of a mobile Skype just with less bells and whistles. It's a free app but some concerns have been raised about it's privacy policy which does as many do now in the app market state that if the company is every sold or acquired that your personal information will go to the buyer. That can't be a good thing to think about but has always been there just not discussed with all apps.

Maybe it's time we considered some rules on this subject. Maybe those free apps come at a price that is more than we want to pay when the hidden costs are finally revealed.

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Free your calls!
Call anyone, anywhere.

  • International free calls to other Viber users using
    3G or Wi-Fi.

  • Check your contacts, you can see which of your iPhone
    contacts is already on Viber.

  • Go ahead and call. It's free* and it works great!
    * Calls use your data plan


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