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No One Audience - The Difference Between Friends, Fans and Followers [15Dec10]

Great article on the roles of the consumer in social media and how they interact and change based on the interaction they give and receive. The pictures along are worth the read and do great job of placing things in prospective.

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There is no one audience. It’s an audience of audiences with audiences and within each are varying roles of the social consumer.

At any one moment, social consumers are

- Influencers

- Decision Makers

- Peers

- Advisers

- Idea Generators

- Adversaries

- Advocates

- Customers

If we are designing our engagement strategies and social presences around the varying, yet important roles of the social consumer, we are missing our true opportunities to cultivate more meaningful communities online and in the real world.

The future of business is tied to how the 3F’s convert into the 4A’s action, advisor, affinity, and advocacy, regardless of network.

ExactTarget recently published a study that showed us, at the top level, the differences between the 3F’s. In its report, “Subscribers, Fans and Followers,” ExactTarget studied the unique attributes of consumers using email, Facebook, and Twitter as well as their influence on customer loyalty.

The first question is one that many companies often ask, but are rarely answered. Are internet users more likely to purchase from a brand after becoming a subscriber, fan or follower.

In the U.S., the results are as follows…

On Twitter, 37% said yes, 31% were indifferent and 32% said that it was unlikely.

On Facebook, at least as of the study date, which is April 2010, the numbers aren’t as promising as Twitter. Here, only 17% agreed, 34% were on the fence, and a staggering 49% disagreed.

In opt-in email campaigns, the numbers were still better than Facebook. 27% of email subscribers said that they would make a purchase, 41% stated a neutral position, and 32% would not.


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