Thursday, November 04, 2010

With all the talk about #Firesheep I thought it good to post this link to a video by @t_rave made on some ways to help protect yourself This is a very real threat and I've blogged about open Wi-Fi's before in an article about a client who lost over #30,000 dollars to a Wi-Fi hot spot and that was before this new easy to implement #Firesheep threat was even developed. You can read it here One of the simple and effective thing you can do is to use #Hotspotshield a free #VPN. If you use a #VPN with care you can be safe from threats like #Firesheep and other man in the middle tools. You can check out #Hotspotshield here were you can also download the free program. Only thing to be careful of with Hotspotshield is that it can sometimes disconnect and not give any warning so be sure the icon is there and green to show your safe.

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