Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Resist the Giants - Stop Comcast from blocking Netflix [30Nov10]

Take a moment and consider what it will mean if Comcast starts blocking Netflix and gets away with it. It could end the net as we know it if the large providers are able to block their competitors and control what data we can have access to. So it's not about movies it's about data and our right to download what we chose without being limited or blocked by those companies we contract with to provide us access. So take a couple of minutes and read the article and then signing the online petition if you want to help stop this practice.

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It's as brazen as it is outrageous. At the very same time that the FCC is deliberating the fate of our open Internet, cable giant Comcast threatened to block Netflix from delivering streaming movies to Comcast's own broadband customers.
Without strong net neutrality rules, companies like Comcast can demand fees from innovative companies like Netflix in an attempt to choke consumer freedom and coerce users to adopt its own video services instead.

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Tell the FCC: The big cable companies and telecoms will destroy our open Internet if you do not regulate strong net neutrality protections.
This is about more than getting movies via Netflix instead of Comcast. It's about the ability of media monopolies to decide what information we can access via the Internet. Will Fox News stories be carried in the fast lane while Democracy Now! is relegated to slow lane or perhaps blocked altogether?
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