Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Become More Intelligent - by Dumb Little Man

How to Become More Intelligent - by Dumb Little Man

In this article the writer points out some simple but basic thoughts on how to keep the mind sharp and stay abreast of events in the world.

And while none of it is earth-shattering or new he does remind us of those basics we need to think about to stay on top of our game.

I would only add that he's got caught up in detail and missed the important fact that it's staying mentally active that underlies all of these and other activities that we can find to keep us sharp.

For it's not so much if we spend our time reading, checking out things on line, or even as he says watching TV. It's that we keep our minds nimble and active by challenging them.

So while for some it's a good book for others it's a video game. And often just some time to reflect and consider the world around us with a moment of inter reflective though can bring the mind to grasp new thoughts and ideas. Remember thinkers like Einstein and Gandhi used only their own thoughts to expand not only their minds but the minds of the world.

That means we have to spend our day doing more than just killing time it means working at find things we like to do that expand and challenge who we are, what we know, and how we use that information in our daily lives.

So while this writer's topics are fine and thought provoking they are not inclusive enough to touch all the areas that we can find to stimulate our minds and our lives. But he's sure right that we need to make it a common practice and a daily goal to seek and find new ways to challenge ourselves.

For on any day we fail to learn something new we fail to expand our world and become just a little less than we could have been.

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