Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Those Living and Suffering On the Gulf Coast

To those who are now going through the horror of the Oil in the Gulf and all it means to a way of life that may be lost forever I would like to reprint a poem I wrote after Hurricane Katrina as it also applies to the suffering and pain being experienced again in the Gulf.

So while no words can take away your pain or bring back either your your property or your way of life may God help you to continue to rebuild both.

One Man's Prayers and Tears

If one man's prayers could heal your lives,
You would be healed. As I pray for you now.

If one man's tears could wash away your pain,
Your pain would be gone. As I cry for you now.

If one man's hope could lift you up.
You would be lifted above the devastation. As I hope for you now.

But only God and faith can see you through this time of trouble.
He is with you now through all our prayer and He will heal you.

His tears he sheds for you will wash away your pain.

He will lift you up and carry you and all will be made whole again.

Dedicated originally to victims of Katrina (and now to victims of the Gulf Oil crises)
By Frank Woodman Jr (9/2/2005)

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