Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Microsoft Offers BizSpark Program for Start-Ups

Have a new business and need software development tools. Well consider taking advantage of Microsoft’s BizSpark program for new start-up companies. They will give you full featured Microsoft development tools, licenses for server products, and other useful tools and software to use for three years at no cost. Yes free! All you need is to have is a new and innovative business idea you are bring to market.

Microsoft describes the qualifications as follows:

"Most privately held software development start-ups in business for less than three years who generate annual revenue under USD $1 million can join. Enrollment carries no up-front costs. Just pay a USD $100 fee at program exit."

You can find out the full details and what you need to do to sign up for BizSpark here: BizSpark

So check it out you don’t have anything to lose and it may be your ticket to making that dream come true.

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