Saturday, May 22, 2010

Facebook Malware Attack on Line and Active

A Facebook malware attack is on the loose this weekend, enticing users to click a “Distracting Beach Babes” video on their Facebook Walls. The Wall message reads:

“this is hilarious! lol :-) :-) Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] Length: 5:32″.

If you see this video on Facebook today, do not click the link: Doing so, and downloading a linked file, will result in malware being installed on your computer.

If you see the video on your wall, remove it. If you’ve clicked the video, meanwhile, run a virus and adware scan on your computer. And of course, be more careful about clicking suspicious-looking links in future.

Remember it's such social engineering efforts that are the most common way security is breached. No software or preventative action can possibly work if you don't resist falling for such simple rouges.

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