Sunday, May 02, 2010

Assisted Living

A community of elders is a gift from above,
So full of life, knowledge, enlightenment, and love.
Stored away memories and dreams to come true,
It's more than a blessing to share them with you.
Surprising it's not, when you live like you do,
That so many are eager to spend time with you.
Every life that you touch because of how special you are,
Definitely explains how we have made it this far.
Loved ones are proud that you live on your own,
It's a comfort to them that you are never alone.
Very grateful we are for the opportunity you give,
Inspired by example from the life that you live.
No wonder that we love you as much as we do,
God answered our prayers when he blessed us with you!

Written September 1st 2005 by Nicole Packard to celebrate assisted living week and dedicated to Lawrence Hull.

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