Saturday, April 10, 2010

From a long time fan!

Sometime late in the summer of 1986 my life changed in a subtle but perceivable way. As on that long forgotten summer day I discovered the real meaning of Country Music. I didn't know it at the time but Country Music and my life had changed and would be forever enriched. For while I had always listened to and enjoyed Country Music I had never truly lived it and understood it through the heart and mind of a master.

But on that magical day I first heard Johnny Western on the radio.

Like most of life's changing moments it took a while to realize what it meant and how it would change me. And while I had always been a devoted KFDI fan and loved all of their on air personalities I soon knew that Johnny would be the one that meant the most.

It wasn't any one big thing but all the little things that made him so unique and special.

No one could tell the stories and relate the world of Country Music like Johnny. Partly because he had lived, breathed, and loved the profession long before he became a DJ. But mostly because he truly embodied what it is to be Country. Music was and is just his way of expressing it to the rest of us.

So for those many years of working away with the radio playing as Johnny and his music and stories filled my mind with what it is to be Country I want to thank him.

Johnny you've been special and may God forever hold you in the hollow of his hand.

A special tribute to Johnny Western on this the 10th day of April 2010 from a forever devoted fan Frank Woodman Jr.

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