Friday, April 23, 2010

Facebook and it's New "Open" Interface.

With Facebook's open interface we all should now have even more privacy concerns than in the past. For while it sounds great to just click a button and list all our favorite sites and share that information with everyone on Facebook it's important to remember that without care we share that information with everyone one on the web.
Facebook is becoming the dominate player in what is now a movement to make everything "social" on the web. The problem with that is that by doing so we may soon be unable to protect our privacy and on line identity from leaking out to everyone.
I'm sure that many people have sites and places that they visit that they don't want made public. Those kinds of sites include those dealing with religious, political, and personal areas of our life that we prefer to keep to ourselves. But with the way Facebook is opening up their currently private network to any site that want's to join in that privacy is in jeopardy.
So a word to the wise. Check out your privacy settings on Facebook and consider doing just what I've done and block all of this information being used or made available.
For a great article that deals with this issue and gives some real in depth advice check out;
How to Restore Your Privacy On Facebook -
It will help you to know just what settings and changes you may want to make to allow for these new Facebook changes.

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