Thursday, August 25, 2005

PC World’s Article “The Web of Crime” is a Must Read!!

PC World is currently running a great 5 part series about computer crime called “The Web of Crime”. It’s a short well written series covering crime on the internet and how it’s changed from humble beginnings into the major criminal activity it is today.

Taking us from the early days of computer crime and the independent hackers who were behind it we are lead to the modern professional criminal of today’s internet.

For a such a short article it weaves a spell binding account of crime on the internet. Its story about the company that produces the PC Tools utilities and their attack by on line criminal extortionists is intriguing and very informative. It shows that even moderate sized companies doing business on line today are targets of attack.

If nothing else this series of articles will forever change how you think about computer crime on the internet.

So if you want to read what I think is one of the best stories so far this year about crime and the internet today this is one series of articles you shouldn’t miss. I guarantee you’ll read it from beginning to end without stop.

The series can be found here at PC world’s web site;,aid,122240,00.asp

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