Monday, August 22, 2005

It’s So Long to CardSystems Solutions, I Hope!

Well another story about CardSystems Solutions has hit the wire services. Again attention is being drawn to the whole credit card clearing house problem. The lack of enforcement of security rules on card processors used by the major card issuers has been an underlying security problem for sometime.

Larry Loeb writing in eWeek expresses the opinion that CardSystems Solutions will have problems surviving in the long term. I can only hope he's right but as I said awhile back I doubt it.

I know that for what CardSystems Solutions did shutting them down is too being to easy on them. I think that someone needs to spend some time in jail where they can be left alone to study computer security.

Anyway on the surface the card companies are pushing their new heightened security standard for the press and to parade before Congress in the up coming hearings on credit card customer security. I think it's more for show than for true change. With Congress and the news media sniffing around the credit card companies are trying to do a white wash job.

I say we need to do what the Queen in Alice in Wonderland wanted to do, “Off with their heads!!!!”

Anyway you can read Larry’s article on the subject in eWeek here;,1759,1839515,00.asp?kc

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