Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Truth about the NEWS and What it means.

I’m sitting here reading the newspaper and thinking about some of the recent events that have been in the local news. This has caused me to think about the truth of the “NEWS”. To ponder and think about the many things that make the “News” and the many things that aren't covered is to give though to the truth behind the “NEWS”.

I've always pointed out that it's not news that where I live 300,000 thousand people go home every night, go to bed, sleep undisturbed and get up the next day to do it all over again. When nothing happens to them that isn’t news and their stories aren’t considered as news worthy.

So the news isn’t about reality it’s about a unique and unusual musicale part of reality. It is a microscope seeking out the unusual and unique to show us what’s different and not what is normal or usual.

We don’t see a picture of the hundreds of houses in our neighborhood that are fine and ok we see the one that caught fire. We don’t hear about the hundreds of friendly dogs who play lovingly with their families we hear about the one that bites a kid. It's the three idiot gang members that shoot at each other that gets attention not the hundreds of good kids that go to school everyday and cause no trouble.

So we all need to remember that the news has always distorted and damaged the public’s perception of what's normal and expected. If the public doesn't learn to judge the news and rate it’s importance while remembering that then we will all forever live in fear of the wrong things being while being manipulated by who decides what is being shown and reported as “NEWS”.

Remember if its news it's because it is unique and seldom happens and if it was truly normal it wouldn't be covered or mentioned at all.

So don’t live in fear of the things they are telling us about on the “NEWS” and be on the lookout for the real dangers in your life. Trying to judge the importance of things by their real chance of happening and not some imagined danger to our safety is the real key to our security, piece of mind, and freedom.

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