Friday, June 17, 2005

On Google vs. MapQuest the Winner is???

Use this URL address;

It will take you to a great page where you can chose from all of Google’s web tools. On this page with a click on an icon you can jump to any Google service. It’s not a page that is hosted by Google but it should be as it makes getting around between all of the many Google web services so much easer.

It’s just much quicker than going to and trying to get around.

Anyway go there and click on the map icon to check out the new Google map site. Google is giving all of the other map sites a real run for their money. MapQuest is going to have to work hard to hold on to number one.

Google’s maps and directions look nicer and you can have local search information shown right on a map. Do a search for “pizza parlor” and bingo the map shows flags of all of the pizza parlors that are close to the entered address. One thing for sure Google just doesn’t rest until it puts out a better product in what ever service they are providing.

P.S. Be sure you play with the satellite view feature in Google maps. It’s so cool the way you can jump from map view to satellite view with just a click on the control bar. You can even see your rout in map view or satellite view with just a click to toggle from one to the other. Using the satellite view can help to make the map more understandable and easer to follow.

Any way check it out and see what Google maps are all about if you haven’t already done so.

P.P.S It’s interesting to note that while Google has been busy pushing online map services up a notch both Microsoft and Yahoo have been busy pushing hard to move up a in the fight to dethrone Google as the number one search engine. Google needs to be looking over their shoulder and watching the competition.

Both MSN and Yahoo have undergone some real changes that will up the pressure on Google to add features to their search engine. If you haven’t tried them out recently it’s time you revisited both MSN and Yahoo and checked out their search features again.

You might be surprised to find that both offer some real interesting choices and that for some types of searches they may beat Google. (I never though I would ever say that as Google is something I use constantly!!)

Anyway it’s going to be an interesting year with all of the battles going on in the search engine arena. The winner is yet to be determined but Google still leads the pack as much by momentum as by anything else. Everybody else is playing catch up and Google certainly isn’t going to make it easy for them.

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