Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bankrate.com A Great Online Resource

One of the handiest sites on the web is found here at Bankrate.com.

This site provides a world of consumer information as well as allowing you to search for bank, mortgage, loan, & investment products and services.

What rate is highest on money markets?
Who offers the best mortgage rate?
Where can I get the best auto loan?

All of this and more can be researched and found right at your finger tips in only minutes not hours or days. So if you’ve never checked out this site you really should as it can make a huge difference in your financial future to be fully informed before making any important financial decisions.

A great place to start is here http://www.bankrate.com/funnel/checking-account/ where you can do a search for information on what bank offers the best checking or savings account in your area based on several criteria. You might be surprised at what other banks are offering. And while changing banks is a major decision knowing just what choices you have might just make it worthwhile.

It is just such information that can make your important financial decisions both easier and better.

So check out Bankrate.com and you’ll be surprised by what you can find in the way of good free financial information. And as always treat this information as a part of what you need to base your decisions on but never rely on only one site or source for financial information.

As a point of information I have neither an interest in nor do I receive any commissions, fees, or other remuneration from Bankrate.com. And as always this information is offered only as advice in general and not as an endorsement of Bankrate.com, it’s information as provided, nor the advisability of making any major financial decision without the proper guidance of a professional adviser knowledgeable in your particular needs and situation.

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