Friday, September 02, 2005

The Tragedy Hurricane Katrina

To those who are still going through the horror of Hurricane Katrina even after all the time that has passed I wish to express my sorrow for your tragedy. This is a republish of a poem that I wrote and published shortly after that tragedy.

So while still basking in the light of your recent celebration and the joy of wining the super bowl I thought it was also time to look back and reflect on that time and how far you have came. New Orleans isn't all the way back but it's well on the road.

So while no words can take away your pain or bring back either your loved ones or your property may God help you to continue to rebuild both New Orleans and your lives.

One Man's Prayers and Tears

If one man's prayers could heal your lives,
You would be healed. As I pray for you now.

If one man's tears could wash away your pain,
Your pain would be gone. As I cry for you now.

If one man's hope could lift you up.
You would be lifted above the devastation. As I hope for you now.

But only God and faith can see you through this time of trouble.
He is with you now through all our prayer and He will heal you.

His tears he sheds for you will wash away your pain.

He will lift you up and carry you and all will be made whole again.

To the victims of Katrina
By Frank Woodman Jr (9/2/2005)


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